Charlotte Dujardin: ‘Valegro was very hot as a young horse’

Image of Charlotte and Valegro
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It’s almost reassuring to know Valegro isn’t completely perfect, as according to Charlotte Dujardin he was very hot in the early days.

Over exuberance

“Valegro was very, very hot as a young horse,” said Charlotte. “He was never naughty, just hot. He had all this power and he didn’t know what to do with it.”

His over exuberance sometimes cost him dressage marks, although it didn’t stop him winning. Valegro was national champion at every level, from young horse to Prix St George.

Horse & Country was there when he won the Prix St George title at Stoneleigh back in 2010, as we were filming At Home with Carl Hester. Despite their win, Charlotte was disappointed with the result as they made a few mistakes. However, Carl had his eyes on a much bigger prize.

“This isn’t his final goal,” Carl told H&C. “His final goal is London Olympics 2012 – that’s where he should be. And if he makes a mistake at a Prix St George national championship: Hallelujah. It doesn’t matter.”

Valegro’s Farewell

The wisest man in dressage was right, as always. Valegro and Charlotte went on to win double gold at the Olympics. However, we’re not sure even Carl could have predicted just how many gold medals he would win (10, if you’re wondering).

To celebrate this incredible horse, we have put together our favourite memories in Valegro’s Farewell. This new TV show features exclusive interviews, footage of Valegro at home and away, and a lot of tears.

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